Tuesday, July 13, 2021

REVIEW - FALL HARD by Laurelin Paige & Kayti McGee

Chloe is staring and fantasizing about beards when said beard turns to her and asks if she is sure she has the right number.  Seems that the event manager double booked and Mr. Gorgeous Beard is not happy.

Chloe has finally gotten the nerve and stepped out of her shell to sell her pottery Mae'd With Love and she can't let this stop her so she suggests that they share the space.  She and her friend Charlotte have taken so much time setting up the booth to look like an actual kitchen and she would be heartbroken if he says no.

Who would have guessed that he had the same penchant for useless historical information as she did?  

Then she finds out that she had sent him a drunk reject message on the FriendsOfFriends site.  Maybe the universe was giving her a second chance.  Maybe if she would have responded to Ryan she wouldn't have gone out with Finn and Dune and had such disastrous results!

This series is hilarious!  Chloe isn't having the best luck with her internet dating choices.  First, there is Finn who takes physical training to the extreme and has a weird stepmom fetish.  Then we have Dune the sexy biker with the nightmare cat and BDSM leanings.  

She thinks that she has finally met her match with Ryan since they have so much in common and she has a high time with him except he has mommy issues.

I highly recommend this series!  These books are very well written and the characters are hilarious.  These guys may have issues but they are smoking hot sexy.  The pages sizzle with chemistry.

Start the series now!

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