Wednesday, July 14, 2021


Sweets is the ruthless leader of The Fallen Angels and Firefly is the psychopathic second-in-command, along with Roman "Bull", Tractor, and Scooby they are meeting to plan their revenge upon The Three Families for the death and torture of Chris "Flames" and other crimes.

Akavia and her two younger brothers, Roman and Willem, watched from a panic room sixteen years ago as their parents were tortured and beheaded.  She and her brothers were thrown into foster care, but she fought to keep them together and at the age of sixteen she started making plans for their vengeance.

Akavia was in the office of her studio when four tall handsome strangers entered wanting to see her paintings.  She doesn't realize that she lost sight of her surroundings because of her fantasies of these gorgeous men until it's too late and she hears the click of the lock on the front door.

They want her to set up a meeting with her brother Roman so he can get them in to see Sweets or Firefly to help their newly merged MC The Vermillion Devils.

Saber, Hawk, and Wolf, can't believe their eyes when Eagle arrives with the beautiful red-headed sprite that he kidnapped.  They know it's for more than just using her for leverage to entice her brother.  They plan to keep her.

But, Akavia is the one with the upper hand.

I can't even!  This book is amazing!  It is a dark reverse harem romance that crosses all boundaries.  Akavia's vengeance is all the sweeter because her enemies don't expect the psychotic murderer to be a woman.

I love Akavia's crazy.  She is hilarious as she taunts her prey.  This is a woman who takes no prisoners but becomes putty when in the presence of these men.

Saber, Hawk, Wolf, and especially Eagle are dangerous in their own rights, but these alpha men are knocked off their feet when they meet Akavia.  She may be the boss outside of the bedroom, but they show her who dominates inside it.

This book is very well written and even though all the blood I was mesmerized by the storyline.  All of the characters are fully developed and will keep you laughing at their antics, especially Willem.  

This book has a lot of triggers, but it is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it.  I will definitely be reading more by this author!

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  1. ❤️❤️❤️
    You've captured my heart with this review and I don't even want it back

  2. Where can i find this book? Its not on Amazon cant seem to find it anywhere