Sunday, July 18, 2021

REVIEW - SIR JASPER by Emily Aster

Marjorie turned eighteen just weeks ago and instead of it being a joyous occasion, her life fell apart when her parents died in a car accident.   If it wasn't for her Uncle Haulden arriving she doesn't know how she would have managed her parents' burials and everything else that needed to be done.

She is currently in a helicopter to move in with her uncle in the Sierra Nevadas.  They are flying over a vast wilderness and she's beginning to wonder if she's made the right decision when she sees a clearing through the trees.  A massive compound consisting of at least a dozen mansions along with small cabins and outbuildings. 

She is amazed but overjoyed that her uncle lives in one of these mansions.  They overshadow anything in Los Angeles.  Her uncle meets her at the helicopter and leads her up the path to one of the mansions.  Everything is exquisite inside and out including masterpieces on the walls.

But everything else fades away when a man enters from a door on the right.  He is just stunning and his green eyes freeze her in place.  Then she is told his name is Jerome Helm or Sir Jasper.  Sir?

And when he tells her "You'll call all of us Sir in this place.  The twelve men who live in this town.  The twelve you will serve for the next year...until one marries you."  Her uncle lied to her.  And evidently, she should have asked her dad what he did for a living.

Years and years ago the miners were concerned about losing their claims so they made a pact that only family could inherit the mines, but only sons were allowed to actually inherit.  If a family only had a daughter she was to be put up for auction to the other families and her new husband would inherit. 

And evidently, she had inherited a diamond mine.  She had to literally sign her life away in blood when presented with the contract.   Failure to sign wasn't an option.  Tonight she was to attend a celebration.  Yeah, she didn't have anything to celebrate except wanting to murder her uncle.  Now she knew why she'd only met him a few times before.

She was stripped bare and each man was given one minute to view the wife that was going up for auction.  Sir Jasper, Sir Onyx, Sir Ruby, Sir Malachite, Sir Emerald, Sir Amethyst, Sir Sapphire, Sir Alexandrite, Sir Emerald.....

Her first month is with Sir Jasper and try as she might he wouldn't take her virginity and let her stay.  She felt a real connection with him and didn't want to spend time with any of the others no matter how gorgeous they were and her promise to submit to them all.

I loved this book!  This book is told solely through Marjorie's POV.  It is well written and the characters are well developed.   The storyline is engaging and draws you into Marjorie's new circumstances. 

Marjorie grew up in a loving home and was spoiled beyond measure giving her no experience in taking care of herself.  Although she has been sheltered all her life she isn't an annoying spoiled brat.  I really liked her character. 

Jerome, Sir Jasper, is a wonderful character.   Even though you know he wants Marjorie and has come close to taking her virginity, he knows he has to follow the pact.  You can tell how much it pains him at the end of the book to hand her to the next man when his month's time is over.

Next, Sir Onyx.  Looking forward to what he is looking for in a wife.

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