Saturday, July 3, 2021


Elena Lombardi was a criminal attorney for one of the top law firms in New York City, maybe in the whole United States, but she never thought she would be walking through the cell block to meet with her new client, Dante Salvatore.  Not just any client, but New York City's Camorra capo.

Dante was being held on suspicion of racketeering, illegal gambling, and murder.  She's surprised he hasn't been caught before now, but with a face and body as beautiful as his it is no wonder he could charm his way out of most situations.

But, she isn't here because she's the best lawyer available as she's only a four-year associate.  No, she's here because her sister, Cosima, begged her to represent her best friend.  She is here because she would do anything for her sister, including representing the worst of the worst.

But as she is sitting here in front of him she is wondering why he is smiling? Being rich and gorgeous did not give him a "get out of jail free card".

I loved this book!  It is action-packed mafia from page one until you turn the last page.  It is very well written (although it needed to go through the editing process again for errors in spelling) and the characters are full of depth and passion.

Elena is a strong woman and some call her bitchy because of her focus to not only escape her memories of Bagoti and her horrible past but her determination to be the best attorney in the city.  She grew up poor and had to protect her siblings from the ravages of their dad's bad decisions with the Camorra, but she was determined to leave that all behind.

Dante was born to aristocracy, but it didn't matter that his father was a Duke, he was a monster who had killed his mother.  As soon as he graduated with a psychology degree, he followed the only man who treated him like a true son and became the Caparro capo in New York City.

Elena had a deep hatred for the mafia stemming much deeper than the normal right and wrong.  No, she had suffered greatly because of her father's involvement with the mafia and she hated having to defend a man she knew deserved to be imprisoned, he may not be guilty of the crime he is charged, but she had no doubt he had blood on his hands.

This book is full of intrigue, action, and danger.  You get to know what makes all of the characters tick and are drawn into their lives.  The passion between Elina and Dante is more than she expected, especially with her history with men and she fights it to the end.

This book kept me in suspense, made me laugh and cry.  I highly recommend it and look forward to reading more by Giana Darling!

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