Monday, July 12, 2021

REVIEW - DATING SEASON Books 1 & 2 by Laurelin Paige and Kayti McGee


Book One - Summer Fling

Chloe can't believe that she arrived at her best friend's place expecting to be flower shopping for Charlotte’s wedding but instead it's an intervention. An intervention of her sex life or rather her non-sex life. Charlotte says the only way to get over her crush on Charlotte's roommate Austin is to start dating.

So they are setting up an account on the FriendsOfFriends website. She immediately gets matches and as they are weeding through them Charlotte notices that Chloe is focusing on guys that remind her of Austin in some way, so they make a drunken pinky promise that she goes out with the first guy who messages her.

Chloe can't believe her luck when the first guy who contacts her is smoking hot. They decide to skip the messaging part and meet. He looks even better in person.

This is book one of the Dating Season series taking you through Chloe's search for her HEA season by season.

This book is hilarious and told strictly from Chloe's POV. The storyline grabbed my attention immediately and the characters are engaging and full of depth.

I love Chloe and her never-ending supply of useless history facts. Facts that she only seems to share with Austin. She has an amazingly close friendship with Charlotte and Austin and I couldn't stop laughing at Chloe's internal conversations with herself.

Finn. Finn is sexy and built. He also has family issues. Like his family is just weird and Chloe wonders what she's gotten herself into.

Don't expect a HEA at the end of this story as the whole series is about Chloe, but it is so worth the read and the anticipation of her next dating disaster. Highly recommend!

Book Two - Summer Rebound

Chloe is going to kill her best friend Charlotte.   When she agreed to let her be the guiding hand in choosing her dates from her FriendsOfFriends account she didn't realize she would be standing outside a biker bar.

After her fiasco with Finn, she decided to be a bit more daring, and that why she's standing at a bar trying to get up the nerve to go inside to meet her blind date.  Yeah, she gave Charlotte full choice on this date which she is starting to regret.

Dune is a straight-up bad boy.  Full sleeves of ink from his wrists to the band of his t-shirt, a lip ring on the corner of his mouth, he just drips in sex appeal. 

This book made me laugh harder than the first in the series.  Chloe just keeps getting herself into situations she never would normally, but she is so desperate to find THE ONE that she'll try anything once.  Which includes Jell-O wrestling among other things.

I'm really getting some setup vibes from Lucy and am interested in seeing where this goes.  I get the feeling that Lucy sees how much Chloe means to Austin and is trying to play interference.  Will have to see how that works out.

Dune is a contradiction.  He is an alpha MC biker who spells out bad words in front of Coco and then comes out with kinks that are too much for Chloe to handle.  Highly recommend this series!

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