Friday, July 16, 2021


 Their Sweet Chaos by Aparna Gayle 

Release Date: July 16 




Welcome to The Fallen Angels, where heaven couldn’t control us and hell can’t contain us.

Some monsters are born into this world, while others are made.
Some fall from Heaven, while others rise up from Hell.
Me? I wasn’t just made, I was created.
An angel is what my parents called me, but when I witnessed their murders, brutal and sadistic, that night, I clipped my own wings.
A Fallen Angel, that’s what I became that night. Five feet one, red hair, round innocent face with baby fat still present in my cheeks, pink pouty lips, I can walk straight up to the enemy and put a bullet in his head before he even knows what’s happening.
No one who isn’t a member of The Fallen Angels knows my real identity, and I always personally take care of anyone who even begins to come close.
Who am I now you ask?
Well, I’m Sweets. The innocent-looking devil who kills without conscience or regret, all with a smile on my face and a lollipop in my mouth.
I’m Sweet Chaos on your best of days, so imagine me on your worst, and there’s no man alive who doesn’t fear the power I wield. Well, that’s what I thought until I met four.
They thought me to be the innocent little flower, until I showed them my thorns.
And guess what? They held me anyway.
Everyone knows my heart is a block of ice, but what happens when four handsome, dominant, possessive bikers decide that I belong to them, and that I don’t have a choice in the matter.

This is a Reverse Harem, why choose romance, where the female main character doesn’t have to choose how many or who to love. This novel contains strong language, violence, sexual content, and dominant anti-hero assholes who you can’t help but love. May not be suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

About the Author: 
Fun, easy-going, down-to-earth, passionate, and friendly with a mouth that would make a sailor blush is how young romance author Aparna Gayle can be described.

Aparna Gayle creates steamy stories about strong, fierce, strong-willed, and badass females who fall in love with the only men created who can bring them willingly to their knees. Her heroines and anti-heroines are usually shrouded in darkness, and they tend to fall in love with anti-heroes who contain even more darkness than them. And instead of trying to change the men they fall in love with, they embrace and accept them for who they are.

When she's not creating her next story, you can find her positioned in front of her T.V binge-watching series, curled up in bed reading stories about sexy, possessive alpha males who dominate the females they fall in love with, or running jokes and chilling with her family and very close friends.

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