Sunday, July 4, 2021


Elena Lombardi was reborn coming up from the ashes of a fire in New York City.   She was now on a plane headed for Italy.  A place she swore five years ago never to return to, but her days as a cold, calculating, moral lawyer was gone.  They ended the second she stepped on the plane to flee the country with a known criminal. 

Dante Salvatore has been under house arrest for several months awaiting trial for racketeering, illegal gambling, and murder.  He knew what would happen when he had Marco remove the ankle bracelet, but Elena had been kidnapped and he would not be caged and expect his men to rescue her alone.

Dante was getting on his plane to flee the country when a car comes barreling around the plane.  Elena.  It was the hardest thing he had to do leaving her, but he was too selfish to make her go away when she arrived to go with him.

When Heroes Fall is the first book of this Anti-Heroes in Love duet series and they are meant to be read together. 

I love this book and series!  It is well written and the characters are so full of depth and emotion.   The storyline is full of action and danger.  I could not put this book down.

Elena has struggled all her life to belong even though she had two sisters and a brother, she always felt second best.  A father always owing money to the Camorra in Napoli bringing danger to their doorstep without care.  Being preyed upon by a pedophile and having her fiance leaving her for her sister.  So she became ice-cold so no one could hurt her again.

Dante was all red hot passion.  His father was an English Duke who murdered his Italian mother, so he decided to leave and stay with the only man who had ever treated him as a son.  And in doing so became New York City's Camorra capo.

This book is full of mafia justice, betrayal, and raw passion.  You get to know all the characters personally and Giana Darling pulls you into the story as if you are indeed a part of it.  I laughed and cried reading this book.

This is the first series I've read by Giana Darling, but it is definitely not the last!  I can see this series on the big screen!

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