Sunday, July 4, 2021

REVIEW - CHASING LIBERTY by Danielle Gillis & Sassa Daniels

As Libby is sipping tea and waiting for Cassie Brannigan to arrive she can't get over the sense that she has been here before and although she only gets wisps of memories they aren't happy ones, all she can feel is doom.

Before her father's dodgy financial dealings with the Russian mafia brought their life crashing down on them, her father took pleasure in parading her and her mother around London Society.  Using her mother's status as a daughter to an Earl to open doors.  So she might have attended a party in this home and why it seemed familiar.

So far she's been waiting for forty minutes for this meeting and if she wasn't desperate for this sale she would have gotten up and left, but the designer dresses and jewelry left to her after her mother's death were all she had and selling them was all that kept her from drowning.  She needed this sale so she can move to New Zealand and away from the problems caused by her father.

She soon finds out that Cassie is Sorsha Donovan's assistant.  Sorsha is the widow of the former head of the Irish mob and Libby soon realizes that her being here is no coincidence.  Andrew Donovan was behind this meeting.

Andrew is appalled as he sees where Libby is living.  If her father was in front of him he would kill him for leaving his daughter to live in these conditions.  His brothers told him he was going about this all wrong and that he should just kidnap Libby and marry her, but he wanted to give her the chance to choose marriage first.  He was definitely marrying her, but he really didn't want to force her since she's been through so much already.

Her father made a deal with his family that if they paid his debt, whomever she married would be in control of her trust.  But, she has to turn twenty-one before she can be married as a condition of the trust.

This book is very well written and the characters are well developed.  The storyline is interesting and caught my attention immediately.  I was really drawn to the characters and felt drawn into the story.

Libby is living hand to mouth and trying the best she can after her mother is murdered and her father flees the country to escape the Russian mafia that he stole from.  Leaving her to fend off not only the mafia but the police.  She is no pushover and lets Andrew know it at every turn.

Andrew is the youngest brother of an Irish mafia family and is determined to show his older brothers that he may be the youngest, but that he can hold his own.  He may have passed up the opportunity to secure Libby's hand years ago, but now that she is grown he falls for her instantly and won't let anyone stand in his way.

This book is full of action and suspense.  Libby's father can't be trusted, the interactions within the Donovan clan will keep you laughing, and the chemistry between Libby and Andrew is smoking hot!  

I highly recommend this book and am looking forward to seeing the Donovans again soon!


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