Wednesday, July 28, 2021

REVIEW - WILD REBEL by Laurelin Paige

Cade was pacing restlessly in Donovan's office checking his watch every few seconds wondering how long he would have to wait before he had to admit that he had been ghosted by Jolie.

The last time he had given her the benefit of the doubt and had waited for hours only for her not to show and just disappear completely. 

He needs his head examined.  He hasn't seen or heard from her in close to two decades, but when he received her email asking for help not only did he immediately get on a flight to New York from across the world, but he told her he was there to attend a wedding - one he had had no intention of attending before her email.

But, he needed closure, so here he was waiting for her again.

When she arrives he is determined to not be pulled into her again.  Besides some extra curves, she hasn't changed much since they were teenagers.  Wanting to get this meeting over with before he does something stupid, he tells her to get to the reason she needed his help.

He is shocked by her request.  There is no way he is hearing this correctly!

Cade is one of five partners in an international marketing firm.  One of his partners, Donovan, pulled him away from his life of crime when he offered to partner with him in a legitimate business.  He is no longer the eighteen-year-old Jolie knew.  He had now grown into a muscular man with a beard and tattoos.

Despite Cade's determination to continue hating Jolie, he is finding it harder and harder to keep his distance.

Jolie's father was headmaster of Stark Academy and took sadistic pleasure in his punishments.  He can't believe after seventeen years he is stepping foot in a place where he had suffered such pain.

I LOVED THIS BOOK!  It is very well written and draws you into the story immediately with Cade pacing a hole in the office floor as he waits for Jolie to arrive.  All of the characters are amazing and so well developed that they are not only relatable, but you feel as if you are part of their story.

And this story has it all.  The sexual tension between Cade and Jolie is off the charts and despite what he will lose in Donovan's bet he finally gives in to what he has wanted his whole life.

This book is action-packed and full of mystery and suspense.  Where had Jolie been hiding and why is she asking for his help.  And boy, does she pull out a doozy of a favor to request.

I couldn't put this book down once I sat down to read it and even knowing that this was book one of a series about Cade and Jolie I was so not expecting the last sentence in this book!  It put a totally shocking spin on their story!  Talk about a cliffhanger!  I was in shock.

This book is told solely from Cade's POV.  I highly highly recommend this book and series and if you haven't read Laurelin Paige before you are totally missing out!

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