Sunday, July 18, 2021

REVIEW - SIR ONYX by Emily Aster

Marjorie's last words as she walked out Sir Jasper's door were "See you at the auction".  She still can't believe the dark society that she was thrust into.  A month with twelve men.  A year's worth of servitude before being auctioned to the highest bidder as their wife.

A pact was made generations ago to protect their mines so only the families could inherit.   Rather, males could inherit.  As an only child and female, she was being put up on the auction block to the other mine owners.  The winner would marry her and inherit the diamond mine that she had no clue her father owned.

The auction was part of their ancestry and she guessed hers too.  Although her parents failed to let her in on that important piece of information. 

Despite everything she couldn't sway Sir Jasper into taking her virginity so she could stay with him.  Yeah, rules.  She had to submit to them without knowing what was expected of her from these individual men and their only rule was only the man who won her at auction was allowed to take her virginity.   But, anything else was acceptable. 

She still doesn't understand what her Uncle Haulden gets out of this arrangement that he tricked her into.  Part of a kinky year between twelve strangers.

Sir Onyx has the reputation of being cruel.   He himself told her that he enjoyed seeing her in tears and was looking forward to making her cry.  Even if he promised they would be tears of pleasure.   He was the last man she wanted to spend a month with.

Why does he want her to hate him?  When she finally breaks through the barriers and sees the real Onyx she realizes they aren't that much different.   He is just protecting himself from another loss.

This is book two in the A YEAR OF SURRENDER series and as you get further into the story you get a glimpse into the heart of the plot.  She isn't the only one being held a prisoner by this Pact.

This series is definitely meant to be read in order to understand the storyline.   The plot is very intense and suspenseful.   As much as she tries Marjorie is unable to keep her distance from Sir Onyx and is sad when she has to move on to Sir Emerald.

Sir Onyx is very complex, but once you break through all the barriers this gorgeous man has thrown up you fall in love with him.  And along with his walls coming down, he reveals another piece of The Pact and why these twelve men are participating in this auction. 

You will absolutely fall in love with this series!

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