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Payton may be trying to hide from him, but he would finally corner her and find out why she lied all those years ago and then left town shredding his heart.  He would get his answers and he would make her suffer for lying to him.

Luca was the quarterback at Maddison King Universite and was being pushed to live his father's dream.  To be his prodigy.  His twin brother, Leon, doesn't realize how lucky he is not to be under the pressure to perform and being told by their father all his mistakes. 

He's drowning in the darkness and needs to take back some control.  Luca is buried under the pressure, the failure, lies, cheating, bullshit.  He needs to be the one making the decisions, pulling the strings, causing the pain.   He has to find a way to crawl out and controlling Payton will give him back some of that control.

He will make her pay for her lies.  And on top of everything he finds out that Leon had slept with Letty.  And now she is engaged to Kane.  He knows that ultimately Letty wasn't for him, but them lying to him kills him inside.  Especially his twin.

Payton knew that coming back here, knowing it's where he is, was the biggest disaster waiting to happen.  She had hoped that Luca had gotten over what happened years ago before she left Rosewood, but gauging by the anger on his face when he saw her at The Locker Room on Christmas Eve that hope died.

Luca was her best friend until she told him what she had discovered, but he didn't believe her and turned on her calling her a liar.  Three days later her mom had packed her and her sister up and left town to keep them safe.  And even though his look says he wants her gone, she's not leaving this time.

Payton tries her best to see the young boy she left behind in Luca's mesmerizing green eyes.  But, all she sees is a man determined to make her suffer.

Luca wants to make Payton feel pain, but she is the only thing that calms the demons in his head.  And he can't deny that no matter how much he hates the lie between them he wants her more than he ever did when they were teenagers.

This is my first time reading a Tracy Lorraine novel and boy has she gotten me hooked!  This book is very well written and the characters are awesome.  Payton's new friends Ella and Letty.  Aunt Fee and Elijah.  Leon.  And Kayden.  I adore Kayden.

This book is full of action and intrigue.  Tracy Lorraine draws you into the story from page one and the characters are so relatable that you actually feel part of the story.  Why does Luca feel deceived by Payton?  What was so bad that Luca couldn't do anything but turn on the girl he loved.  

This book leaves you with a cliffhanger and more questions and I can't wait to see how Luca handles this news.  He is finally accepting how much Payton really means to him and trips over the reason that Payton is back in town and why she is working at the worst bar in town.  A bar that is known for the "extras" you can receive from the waitresses.

The chemistry and interaction between Luca and Payton is over the top hot!!!  I highly recommend this book and can't wait to read the conclusion to their story!  


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