Sunday, July 25, 2021


Rebecca seemed to have been driving forever on this back road that was so bumpy she had no choice but to drive slowly.  She was in the middle of nowhere Montana with no cell service for GPS directions so she had no idea where to turn off for Cassidy Ranch.

She finally sees signs of life in the form of a black horse grazing close by to a man with a low-slung hat leaning against a tree.  The hat may have been hiding his features, but his jeans and t-shirt and arms covered in tattoos didn't leave much to the imagination.

When she asked for directions he basically told her to F off and ignored her.  She finally comes upon a ranch but is disappointed when the dilapidated sign has another name on it, but she is hoping they'll be able to send her in the right direction. 

Mason, Cody, and Blake bought a run-down ranch at a price they couldn't pass up.  It needed a lot of work which is why they hired someone for three months to get it livable before winter arrived.

Mason with thick golden-brown hair, had serious but warm amber-brown eyes and was ruggedly handsome.  Cody had wavy blonde hair and piercing blue eyes filled with mirth.  Blake was pumped with muscles, tattoo sleeves, and a bad attitude full of rage.  These sexy cowboys are perfect for Rebecca's research.    

She was expecting to ride cattle and help with renovations not collect eggs and milking goats and a cow.  She would show them she could do more than gardening and general chores around the house.  But, she had an ulterior motive for being here.  She was a best-selling author and she wanted to write about cowboys.

But, the ranch and reacquainting herself to ranch life isn't the only draw.  The drama of these brothers is story magic.  Mason and Blake are at each other's throats and Cody just laughs it off.  She didn't want the atmosphere changing because of her writing.  She wanted them to act naturally, so despite feeling dishonest she doesn't let on her real reasons for accepting the job.

I have to say that this is my favorite of the Cassie Cole books I've read.  It is well written and draws you in immediately.   I absolutely love the characters!  Rebecca is amazing and holds her own helping out on the ranch and dealing with Blake's animosity.  Drop-dead, sexy brothers Mason, Cole, and Blake come through the pages with sweltering chemistry. 

Oh, my!  The cows LOL.  And Wildfire!  I love Wildfire and his bravery.  This book is full of action and full of hilarity.  Cassie Cole brings life on a ranch to life with a smoking hot cast of characters. 

I highly enjoyed this reverse harem book!  

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