Friday, July 16, 2021

NEW TITLE - FINDING IVY (previously Remembering Ivy) by Claire Kingsley

Finding Ivy by Claire Kingsley




Remembering Ivy has a brand new title! It's now known as Finding Ivy.

But CK, why would you change the title?

Great question! This has never been my bestselling book and I think one of the problems is that people think it's sad. And it's not sad! My team and I have seen quite a few people say they thought it was sad because of the word "Remembering" in the title, which leads them to think someone dies in the book.

Spoiler: it's not about someone dying, LOL.

As much as I love the title (if you've read it, you GET it!), I also want the title to reflect the story in the best way possible and to entice readers to, you know, read it. That's what titles are for!

I admit I resisted this one for a while. That book is really special to me. But ultimately, that's what swayed my decision in favor of updating the title. It IS a very special book and I want to share it with as many readers as possible. If the new title helps (and I really think it will), then YAY!

The beautiful cover is essentially the same, just with that one little word changed. And the story hasn't changed at all (nor will it).

And if that's one of my books you haven't read yet because you're worried it's sad, fear not! It's definitely not a sad book. It is unique and I encourage you to give it a try! I'm including the blurb and a link below.

"He knew things about me that no one could. His explanation was impossible, but the alternatives were worse…"

After putting everything on hold to care for her dying father, Ivy Nichols feels lonely and disconnected. She’s struggling to jump in and start again—especially when it comes to dating.

The mysterious William Cole walks into her life, like a beacon of light in a fog. He’s sensual and captivating—awakening Ivy in ways she’s never experienced before.

But he knows things about her—deeply personal things. His story is unbelievable, but the truth might be worse. Her friends insist he’s either a con artist, or he’s crazy.

With her heart on the line, Ivy has to decide who—and what—she believes. The rational explanation from her trusted friends? Or the impossible story from the man without a past? The man who swears he will do anything to protect her.

One thing she is sure of—William doesn’t just know facts about her life. He knows her, inside and out. He knows her as intimately as if he’s spent every moment of his life loving her.

And according to him, he has.

Author’s note: a steamy, stand-alone contemporary romance with a bit of suspense and a mysterious twist. It will make you question what you know about love, chance, and fate, and keep you turning the pages to find the answer to one question. Who is William Cole?


About the Author:
Claire Kingsley is an Amazon Top 5 bestselling author of sexy, heartfelt contemporary romance and romantic comedies. She writes books with sassy, quirky heroines, swoony heroes who love their women hard, panty-melting sexytimes, romantic happily ever afters, and lots of big feels.

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