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Marjorie has been here for two months.  Two months since she turned eighteen.  Two months since the death of her parents.  Two months since her Uncle Haulden, a man she's only met several times in her life, brought her to the Sierra Nevadas under false pretenses. 

Two months since she was told that according to a family contract she was being auctioned off to the highest bidder in ten months.  She was to submit to twelve men for a month each and the highest bidder after that time would marry her, claim her virginity, but more importantly inherit the diamond mine left to her by her father.  

Her father neglected to tell her a few things before both her parents died in a car accident.  She grew up in privilege, but never actually knew what her dad did for a living and he sure didn't tell her about owning a diamond mine.  A mine that as a female she can't inherit.  That honor goes to her husband and according to a generation's old contract the mines are kept within the mining families and she is to be put up for auction to members of the other mines.

Her first month was spent with Sir Jasper who she came to love.  She is now leaving Sir Onyx who finally let down his barriers and let her see the man behind all the anger.  So here she stands with tears streaming down her face leaving another man she has become very fond of.  

All she remembers from the night she was stripped naked before these twelve men was that Sir Emerald was the one least interested in her.  He looked more interested in finding a loophole in the contract.  What will her month with him hold?

She arrives at Sir Emerald's mansion and can't believe her eyes.  He lives literally next door to Jasper.  When she finds Sir Emerald writing a thank you note to Jasper for books he borrowed she about trips over herself offering to return them for him stating it would give her a chance to visit with Nika.  When in reality she is dying inside hoping to see Jasper.

Marjorie finds out quickly that Sir Emerald's interests lie elsewhere which she is thankful for and she plans to take full advantage of the freedom she has been given.  

This is book three in the A Year of Surrender series and they need to be read in order to fully understand the background of this story.  It is very well written and you will truly fall in love with all of these characters.  Well maybe except Uncle Haulden.  They are full of depth and beyond gorgeous and sexy with each of these men having their own issues and kinks.

When Marjorie's attempt at cooking was inedible food she convinces Sir Emerald to allow her to take cooking lessons from Nika.  It's the perfect plan to get to spend more time with Sir Jasper.  

I love this series.  This book is the sexiest yet.  The storyline continues with the third of Marjorie's twelve months and she is not as interested in escaping anymore.  But, she is determined more than ever to bypass the rules.  I really liked Sir Emerald.  He has no interest in Marjorie and is only playing along because of the Gemstone Brotherhood.

We get a deeper understanding that the men aren't participating in this tradition willingly which makes you wonder why it continues.  Don't know where her obnoxious uncle has disappeared to, but hopefully, we'll find out how he benefited in getting Marjorie there for the auction along with her parents' history with the Gemstone Brotherhood. 

She isn't looking forward to spending the following month with Sir Sapphire especially after the grim comment from Sir Emerald when he wished her luck in spending her next month with Sir Sapphire!

I know this is a continuing series about Marjorie and these twelve men, but man is it so worth it.  Sir Sapphire is book four and I can't wait to see what other surprises are awaiting Marjorie and if she is getting any closer to the answers she is looking for and what Sir Jasper is holding back from her.  

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