Thursday, July 8, 2021


River Finn is bound and terrified as she's being dragged into a helicopter.  Twelve minutes ago she was in the final shoot modeling a summer wear line on a private yacht off the coast of Ukraine.   The yacht was attacked with men with machine guns and then helicopter swoops in to save the day, but after the men killed the attackers she thought she was safe, but instead, she is wearing a bikini, freezing from the wind coming in the military type helicopter, with handcuffs and a bag over her head.

She can't understand them as they are speaking in either Russian or Ukrainian and all they tell her is that she belongs to the King now.  When the helicopter lands and they remove the sack from her head she realizes she's on a black mega yacht even larger than the massive one she had been taken from.

When a man steps out of the shadows she is at first excited because she knows him.  Excited until he tells her that she belongs to him now.

Yuri Volkov is the head of the most dangerous Russian mafia families in the world.  He was about to make a lucrative deal that would up his earnings by twenty percent and a monopoly in the construction industry in Russia, but two hours before signing they backed out and signed with Semyon Belsky instead.

He could have killed the man's family, but instead, he's taking his war to the cause of all his problems - Semyon Belsky.   When his spies told him of Semyon's interest in a young, famous model and that he planned to have her kidnapped so he could marry a virgin, Yuri stopped their attempt and kidnapped her instead. 

When they remove the sack from her head he is shocked at who the model is and it is unfortunate that she was his daughter's best friend, but she was his now.

I'm going to start off by saying I wanted a tour of Yuri's yacht!  I know he's a billionaire, but this is a palace floating on water.  Jasper Cole has written another masterpiece.  Just when you get used to one twist, the story throws you for a loop with another.  All you can do is hang on for the ride.

I felt connected to the characters immediately.   I love how even though River knows she's screwed when she opens her mouth she does it anyway.  She won't make being his pawn easy.  And Yuri is an "absolutely gorgeous, dangerous, much older Russian mafia king".  My Kindle was on fire reading River and Yuri's story.  

This story is smoking hot, full of intrigue, and non-stop action.  It's the mafia so there's that whole dead people thing going on that keeps you reading and it is full of taboos - kidnapping, age-gap, daughter's best friend, but all I can say is WOW!  I loved this book! ❤


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