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It is month four of this bizarre kinky contract Marjorie is being forced to fulfill for the GEMSTONE BROTHERHOOD.  A contract and pact made between these mining families generations ago in order to keep control of their gemstone mines.  If there is no male heir then the daughter is put up for auction.   

So here she is waiting for Sir Sapphire.  Yes, Sir.  She has so submit to twelve men over a year's time and then she will become the wife of the highest bidder.  Not only is the winner the only one who gets her virginity, but control of the diamond mine owned by her father.  A diamond mine and contract obligation her father neglected to tell her about before his death a few months ago.

Even though her virginity can only be taken by her husband, everything else is fair game and each of these men have their own rules and demands on her body.  Rules no one felt the need to share with her.

So far she has spent a month with Sir Jasper who she fell head over heels in love with, Sir Onyx who was rumored to be cruel, but was only hiding a fear of losing someone else, and the Sir Emerald who didn't have any wish in bidding on her to be his wife.  But, she is finding out that she's not being told everything and she is not the only one trapped in this kinky madness.

Who were her parents really and what else did they hide from her?

She is getting more nervous the further they drive into the wilderness and away from the other mansions.  The only thing she remembers about Sir Sapphire on the night she was stripped in front of the twelve men who will be bidding on her was that he seemed to loathe her, the auction, and the whole thing.  Besides not touching her virginity these men have free reign over her body and after Sir Emerald's grim remarks about Sir Sapphire, she getting a feelings of dread as to what to expect. 

But, her dread isn't just about the upcoming month with Sir Sapphire.  Once her month is up the men aren't supposed to have contact with her until the auction at the end of the twelve months, but she has managed to sneak in more time with Sir Jasper while staying with Sir Emerald since their mansions are next to each other. 

No this dread stems from being caught not only in Sir Jasper's company, but in a very compromising position by Sir Opal and his promise that he'll collect payment from her for his silence when she's his for a month.

When they finally arrive at Sir Sapphire's home high in the mountains, she is relieved when told that Sir Sapphire is at the mine and then shown to her room.  She is having an amazingly erotic dream of being in the woods with Jasper and Onyx making love to her and Nika and Emerald watching from the side totally focuses with each other.   When Onyx bites her breast she is shocked to hear a voice she doesn't recognize.   As she is fighting off her expending orgasm not wanting this to end she again hears that voice.

Her orgasm is so explosive that it wakes her up only to realize she's not in the woods, but in a strange bed, in a strange room, in a strange house....and a strange man is in bed with her.  She is naked and the unfamiliar man that looks like Bradley Cooper has his hand deep inside her body.  It wasn't a dream!   

He makes it clear to her that he's not spending a penny on her at the auction, but he will do his part in training her to be a good wife.  Then he drops a nuclear bomb!  Her despicable uncle is going to receive a cut from her auction.  The auction for her virginity and hand in marriage!  Her uncle had sold her!

I love this series more with each book.  You have to read this series from book one in order to understand the storyline.  Each of these men have reasons for their ire against Marjorie and with each man she has to spend time with the deeper we get into what makes these men tick and why they each take a piece of Marjorie's heart when she has to leave.

Sir Sapphire was the one who was most antagonistic when she was stripped for all the men to examine her like a piece of meat, but when she talks him into letting her go to the mine with him she sees the true man.  The man who cares about the people who work in the mines for him.

It's also where she breaks through his barriers and proves her worth.  I'm looking forward to meeting Sir Citrine and what surprises he will bring to this twisting storyline.   All of these men are breathtakingly gorgeous, but have some deep rooted issues that Marjorie is determined to dig up.  

She's beginning to wonder who will care enough to participate in the auction instead of trying to find a way to escape this madness and that scares her more than the unknown of the next eight men she has to submit to.

These books get steamier and draw you more into Marjorie and the men of the Gemstone Brotherhood with each book.   I highly recommend this series!

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