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REVIEW - SACRIFICE by Caitlyn Dare

Sacrifice is book two of the SAVAGE FALLS SINNERS MC series.  We met Sadie and her boys Rhett, Dane, and Wes in SAVAGE, and book two gives us more danger and suspense, and don't forget smoking hot chemistry.

Sadie's dad is the Prez of Savage Falls Sinners MC club.  She is the club's princess and the town and fellow students at Savage Falls High let her know what they think about her and her family.  

Rhett and Dane are both part of the Sinners MC.  Rhett with his blue eyes and tattoos was cocky and was sin wrapped up in muscles.  Dane is Rhett's best friend and MC prospect.  But, where Rhett is closed off and full of danger Dane is laid back and always smiling and cracking jokes.

Then comes Wes, the outsider.  Pretty Boy is a football player and the last man anyone would expect to be with Sadie especially since his dad has made no secret of his hate for the Sinners MC and his efforts to get them run out of town.

When a threat is made against the Sinners MC from the Reapers MC, a rival club from another town, Sadie talks her dad out of locking her down so she can continue attending school.  It is her senior year and she is determined to graduate.

But at the end of book one, we are left with Sadie being kidnapped and leaving us to wonder who has her and why would Wes be part of the kidnapping.

Rhett and Dane are on their way to search for Sadie when they are told that someone is there to see them.  A very beat-up Wes telling them that Sadie has been grabbed by Evan, the football player who has a vendetta against her and has been making her life miserable since the beginning of high school.

Sadie wakes to find herself tied to a chair in an abandoned warehouse.  As she is trying to take in her surroundings she hears a voice she recognizes.  Evan.  He has been a thorn in her side for the past three years, but she had no idea that he would stoop to this level.  And then she finds out the truth behind why she was taken.  Evan was just their way to get her.

Because the real reason that she was kidnapped was standing beside Evan.  His cousin, Justin.  Justin...who was a member of the Reapers MC.

Right as she is about to be beaten and raped by Justin the doors burst open and Rhett is there.  When he sees what is about to happen he loses it and shoots Justin.  But, luckily his brain is clear enough that he only injures him.  He knows that they need him alive to get their answers.

When Dane and Wes follow Rhett inside and Dane gets a look at Justin a chill goes down his back.  He doesn't know who he is but he gets a feeling of recognition.  He was left outside the compound of the Sinners MC when he was younger.  He has no idea what his name really is and the only thing he has are nightmares that hint at violence, but no resolution.  But, whatever it is Justin is a part of it.

Book two is even more action-packed and suspenseful than SAVAGE.  We not only have Sadie getting kidnapped, but we are finding out more about both Wes and Dane's pasts.

And probably the scariest part of all is when Sadie's father realizes that not only have two of his men dared to touch his daughter, but also the son of his enemy.  But, when he realizes the true relationship between the four of them to say he is not happy is an understatement.

I can't stress enough how much I am loving this series.  It is so well written and the storyline is movie-worthy.  Every character in this book, and there are plenty of them, are fully developed and you feel part of this MC family.  From Aunt Dee, all the bikers, the kids from school, Quinn and River, and of course, Sadie, Rhett, Dane, and Wes.

Rhett is so jealous and possessive of Sadie but refuses to admit even to himself how important she is to him let alone having to share her.  But as he comes to acceptance of this relationship the heat is getting hotter with Sadie, Rhett, Dane, and Wes.  

As if we haven't been led through a few curves in this story already, Caitlyn leaves us with another HUGE twist in this story!  OH MY!  DID NOT see that coming.  September cannot come soon enough for SACRED to make its debut!

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