Saturday, July 17, 2021

REVIEW - SAVED BY YOU by Monica Arya

Zara is not having a good day.  She is a new surgical intern resident attending the prestigious Harvard Hospital and is late for day one of orientation.  As soon as she enters the lobby of the hospital coffee somehow splashes out of her thermos onto her scrubs and as she is trying to wipe at it she drops her surgery textbooks and then runs into a wall.

When she looks up she realizes that the wall was, in fact, the very hard abs of a tall gorgeous man.  His designer suit was better suited to a GQ photo spread than a hospital lobby.

She is in a small group of interns for the next five years.  They are being referred to as 'the fresh five' throughout the hospital.  Sloane is the only other woman and then there are Carter, Jackson, and Maverick.  These will be the closest people to her in the next five years and she is excited to meet them.

They are having a small break between speakers and in the process of introducing themselves to each other when the door to the orientation room opens and in walks their next speaker.  F*ck Her Life!  It's the man who ran into her this morning and who she had yelled at and called 'pretty boy'.  

Jay was the lead trauma surgeon and attending physician for the residency program at Harvard Hospital and everyone was scared of him.  He was told that he doesn't smile enough, doesn't joke, and is too serious.  He's also known as Boston's Billionaire Bachelor since he also owns half of Boston.

He's here to work, teach, and move on.  He leads an emotion-free life and he's very happy with that.  Until this morning when he saw a tall, stunning, flustered woman in the distance.  It was very obvious that she was a new resident and he idly wondered what program she was in.

He decided to have a bit of fun and deliberately stepped into her path making sure that she rammed into him.  Imagine his surprise when she is one of his interns.

Fate cannot be this cruel.  He finally finds someone to love after all these years and it is the last person who would ever love him.  If she ever found out what he had done and who she was sleeping with she would not only hate him but herself.  He always knew his past would catch up to him.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and all of the characters are fully developed and totally relatable.  This storyline is WOW!  Major twist and you are held in suspense waiting for Zara to find out the truth.  I cried and cried some more, but Monica Arya doesn't stop there.  No, she has to throw in a few more twists and a MAJOR curveball at the end of this book.

Zara is determined to be the best trauma surgeon she can be.  Her passion was have been as an OBGYN, but trauma was the highly pay out there and due to her family's past tragedy that took everything from them she wanted to be able to send money to her parents.  She is a twenty-five-year-old virgin who never had a boyfriend due to her strict Indian heritage and studying 24/7 and now finds herself in a position of juggling two men.

Jay has a secret.  A life-altering secret that he knows will lose him Zara, but he can't lose her.  She is the love of his life.  He doesn't know how he will survive without her.

The passion between Zara and Jay is panty melting and then there is Jackson with his Southern charm.  The end of this book will put you through the wringer emotionally, but there is a HEA.   

Amazing book and I highly recommend it!  Looking forward to seeing more from this new author in the future!!!

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