Saturday, July 10, 2021


Orion's Bay was right in the middle of the in-between and the Chateau was the doorway to it all.  Dark and light beings- Demons, dark mages, Elves, Witches, Fae, Shifters, alien beings - they all came through the Chateau to wreak havoc.

Delia got the call from her sisters that she was needed to take down a Succubus.  She almost took the coward way out and didn't go, but when she arrived she found her sisters, Belinda, Loralei, Evian, and Ester laid out like a cross dead in her family home.

After she and her familiar, Cheetoe, fought till exhaustion and the Succubus left with the promise to return, she had to know for sure and entered her family home again.  The four dead women weren't her sisters, but she still mourned their deaths.  Now to find out where her sisters were being held and who was helping the Succubus. 

The lights flickered and finally just stayed off and they also lost phone reception.  This was a massive storm, but Ryan felt that something more was going on.  Demien rode with him to town to find out why there was no one out servicing the area.  He couldn't believe the utter chaos - naked men and women breaking storefront windows and throwing objects at his truck.  

When they were almost home he recognized his neighbor's VW van pulled haphazardly off the road and found her covered in blood.  They locked her attacking cat back in the van and rushed to get her to the hospital.  Except there was something keeping them from leaving.  All they could see was a gray void.

I loved this book!  This book is very well written and the writer wove the story in a way that even with everything going on in the story you are never overwhelmed with information.  I love all of the characters human or otherwise.  The descriptions were well defined and it was easy to picture them before me.

This story is full of action and mystery.  Delia is so guilty of her past and what it cost both her family and town that she would rather stay at home than venture out to town.  

Ryan, Demien, Jordan, and Lucas just moved into the house at the end of her road and have their own secrets, but they are getting ready to find out that they don't know themselves as well as they thought.

This book is full of intrigue, mystery, and suspense.  In the middle of all the danger that Delia and the town are in, she is finding that these four men are what she needs to gain her full power and to bring out their own.

This book leaves you satisfied, but also leads to further mysteries down the road.  Can't wait to see what they are.  Totally enjoyed this book!

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