Wednesday, July 7, 2021

REVIEW - THE REVENGE PLAN - Book Three by Dina Rask

Nina is at the mall with her best friends Elle and Danny when she sees a ghost sitting in the food court.  It's been years, but it was definitely him, but he shouldn't be here.  Because her father died years ago.  Why has her mom been lying all these years?  What happened to her dad, her older sister Julie, and who is her mom terrified of.

Nina is tired of all the secrets her mom is keeping from her so as soon as she leaves for work Nina goes to her mom's room.  What she finds makes her more confused - why is there a photo with her and Adrian's dads together?

Next week the scouts will be at their football game and Adrian knows he has to be in his best form.  It's his only chance of getting into Harvard.  The team is preparing for the game when he makes an awesome touchdown but then has excruciating pain from his wrist up to his arm.  There goes his future because he won't be playing in next week's game.

We get further into the mystery of Adrian and Nina's past and why Adrian is so determined for revenge even as his feelings for her start to confuse him.  The secrets that Nina's mom is keeping are starting to unravel and Nina is getting closer to the truth.  

I am enjoying this continuing story between Nina and Adrian.   The author gives a little more of the mystery with each book chapter, but still leaves you with another hint.   These books are full of intrigue and although they are fast reads they are very full of depth and you get a feel for the characters and their struggles.

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