Saturday, July 24, 2021


Max was Johnny Maldanado's bodyguard and he hated when the mob boss introduced him as 'his attendant'.  WTF was that, anyway?  Max is a former Army Ranger and he joined Maldonado Family five years ago for one purpose and he can ignore all the jabs until his task is finished.  They are currently at the Dimes Estate and he is nauseated at the over-the-top decor.  Who puts clothes on their walls?  Madelyn was told to stay in her room as her father met with his associate.  As if!  She was forced into wearing a pink ballgown including white lace gloves to wait in her room.  Heaven forbid she look anything other than she was going to the Grammys if someone caught sight of her. But, she hides behind a pillar to catch a glimpse of her dad's guest anyway, until she finds herself caught by the man’s bodyguard and has a knife at her throat.  This is the most fun she's had in ages. Later she finds out that her dear ole dad was meeting with Boston's crime boss, Johnny Maldanado, and informed her that she would be marrying him, end of the story.  Their maid Doris gave her a name and address and she snuck out in the middle of the night to make her escape. Only Max found her.  She had a few weeks of freedom before she was stuffed back inside her cage.  She had nothing left to lose so she pushed Max at every opportunity.  She doesn't make being his defacto prisoner easy and does everything she can to annoy him and break down his walls.  She was determined to push and push until he broke.  It was his fault she was in this mess anyway because he was the one who found and brought her back after she tried to escape her father's plan to sell her to Maldanado. If she's going to be forced to play a pawn in a game between her father and Johnny then she wants something for herself first and she wants it from Max.  When Max finally opens up to her about why he is with Maldanado, she throws a major twist into the story and things really get interesting.  I loved this story!  It is very well written and the characters are very well developed and relatable.  The storyline catches your interest from the start when instead of being intimidated by having a knife at her throat, Madelyn splays out on the marble floor and starts bombarding the man with questions.  I love these characters!  Madelyn has been forced to act and dress a certain way by her father and she tries to enjoy each bit of freedom she can get.  I love how she stands up to Max and shows no fear.  I about choked laughing at Max's internal description of rich people and their overdone surroundings.  Max has built a hard shell around himself to survive the life he chose five years ago in order to find his answers, but Madelyn manages to get through. This story is full of suspense and danger as Madelyn and Max join forces for a common goal.  Doris and Phil are awesome and the chemistry between Madelyn and Max is so smoldering that he finally can't stay away from her.  Even if it puts their lives in danger. If you love action-packed romantic suspense look no further.  This book has it all.  Another win by Ivy Wild.  Highly recommend!

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