Friday, March 26, 2021


WARNING:  This novel contains strong and explicit language, graphic scenes, or other sensitive or taboo content that may be disturbing to some readers.  Rape, torture, BDSM, FF, MFM

There was a mutiny aboard the Bloody Baron and Harry was getting his revenge against La Croix as the crew voted him to be the new captain.  Before being her first-mate she had tortured him as her slave before he won a bet in which she had to return his freedom.

This book continues La Croix and Harry's story, but don't expect a happily ever after.  The characters in this series are brought to life throughout these pages.  Harry gets revenge on both La Croix and his brother but ends up giving the ultimate sacrifice.  Even with all the violence contained in this story, I couldn't help to want a different ending.

If you take this book for what it is you will love it.  I feel if you put away your sensibilities and pay attention to the time in history that this is written the book is very true to form.  It is wonderfully written and the characters and storyline are amazing.  La Croix has to show no emotion and be as violent as the men in order to survive.   Harry, though built and handsome, is a pirate, after all, and his actions are no different than you would expect.

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