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Jason owner of a pharmaceutical company and needs someone to cover for his CFO in a meeting and the only person left in the building is the beautiful woman typing in the back of the office.  Melanie is trying to get all her work finished so she can get home, but everyone dumped all their work on her before leaving for the day.  Sophie looks up surprised when her boss wants her to take notes for a meeting. 


Melanie's sister, Claire, is caught stealing drugs and tells Melanie's boss that she was involved. When Jason finds out about Melanie and her family's circumstances he makes Melanie a deal she can't refuse.

This is book 2 of a 5 book series of Melanie and Jason's story. Jason is angry at first but realizes immediately that Claire is just stirring up trouble and he has just the plan to get what he wants.

This book continues from book 1 and we are getting to meet the other characters in the story. Claire is an angry and troubled teen. Their mother lost her job and with all that Claire puts her through she can barely make herself get out of bed. Claire is trying to take care of her depressed mom and keep Claire from putting them further in debt. She's done with Claire not caring.

I love the diversity of the characters. They all have issues, but each handles them differently - anger/self-harm, depression, determination. Wonderful book.


Claire pushes her sister Melanie off the roof of the 15th-floor building they live in. If not for landing on the fire escape.....she can't even think about what could have happened.

Jason is appalled and outraged when he sees Melanie as she arrives for her 1st day as his personal assistant. She is bruised from head to foot and can barely put weight on one of her feet. He tells her he is taking her to the hospital after the meeting they have in 15 minutes, but he needs her to change into what he bought her. He can't wait to liven up this meeting!

Claire has decided she hasn't given enough trouble and decides to smear her on social media. Melanie has had enough. If it wouldn't break her mom's heart she would be done with her.

This is book 3 in the series. Each book in the series comes with its own complications. The depths of the characters are so deep and the storyline makes you turn the pages. And the sex is super hot!


Jason is called to a late-night meeting with an investor that just needs to sign on the dotted line. But, he needs to into the accusations against Jason. Jason is confused and angry that he's not being told was this "reliable source " had accused him of that might lose this investment for his company.

This is book 4 of 5 in this series. Claire is again out to make trouble. I just want to be in an A-ha video so I can go through the book and slap some sense in that child! 


Jason takes Melanie out for a nice dinner and they can't believe their eyes. Her sister Claire is all over Mr. Salazar. The investor that Jason might lose due to information received from "credible sources".

Let's just say that Jason and Melanie's life gets much worse before getting better. Book 5 is the final book to their story. The characters are wonderful. The storyline is great and unexpected at times. I highly enjoyed their story and look forward to reading more books by Hope Paris.

I wouldn't suggest that you purchase these books individually as they are very short!

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