Sunday, March 21, 2021


Alexandra had just checked into a charming B&B.  She had one night before having to appear for her new job at The Estate.  Deciding to check out the resort on her last night of freedom she finds a bar that is within her price range that also serves food.  As she is waiting for her food an Alfa Romeo pulls up and the most gorgeous man she's ever seen steps out.

Carter was in his office waiting to meet his new estate manager.  When she was announced he couldn't believe his eyes.  He was staring at last night's one-night stand.   He decides to hire her anyway.  He can control himself. 

This book has multiple POVs and the POVs switch from paragraph to paragraph instead of each having separate chapters, but the story is written so well that their thoughts blend perfectly. 

I love this book!  Every character is fully developed and a few are truly vile and you want to step into the book and slap them.  This book is full of deceit, fraud, unfaithfulness, and love. Ivy and Carter's relationship is just plain sexy and smoking hot!  There are definitely people who you would love to know and then go buy a gun for others since they aren't redeemable!

Highly recommend and look forward to many more books from Ivy Wild. 

THE ESTATE is book one of the KINGS OF CAPITAL Series

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