Saturday, March 6, 2021

REVIEW - COWBOY previously titled GENIUS by Julie Capulet

Will is a brooding, champion bull rider who almost lost his life to the most unrideable bull in history, King Tut.  Now he's back after 6 months of recovery, but he's changed.  He no longer wants to lead the playboy life and is looking for something more permanent. 

Ella is an assistant curator for a NY art gallery.  Her boss sends her to Bozeman to sign a new artist, but she's more excited to see if there are any cowboys and if they live up to her romance novels.  

Of all of Julie Capulet's books, this might be my favorite to date.  I so love Rafe, Max, Bo, Caleb, Gage, and Travis, but there is just something about Will!  Who wouldn't love a sexy cowboy?    What a wonderful book!  You can feel the open spaces of a Montana ranch and the crowds of New York.   The characters are amazing.  The rodeo announcer just kills me!  The chemistry between Will and Ella is steamy from the second they set eyes on each other.  You can feel the energy of the rodeo. 

Julie Capulet is an amazing writer whether it be billionaire businessmen, football quarterbacks, rock singers, or bull riding cowboys she gets to the heart of all of her characters.   I highly recommend anything she writes!

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