Friday, March 12, 2021


Sadie her first headliner gig and it is for Rockstar Orion.  Not only is he gorgeous he is a household name famous!  She was trying not to hyperventilate when she arrives at the 20,000 seat arena.  

When she is directed to Orion's dressing room to introduce herself she is speechless when she catches a full view of him through the mirror as he pulls on his underpants.  Her awe ends when he thinks she's a groupie.  The nerve!!!!

Orion (Chris) is a Rockstar with cut abs and an amazing voice who used to party hard until he married a demon.  When she told him she was pregnant he did the right thing only to find out it was all a lie.  Now he just wants to leave that all behind and focus on his music.  The unexpected visit from the opening act had his attention.  

He can't remember the last time someone didn't fall all over him. So he does something he hasn't done before.  He sneaks side stage to check out her set.  He is impressed with her talent.  So much so that he surprises her by joining her on stage for her last song.

I so enjoyed this book.  I loved the characters Sadie and mouth-watering sexy Orion even Devon.  The book is smoking hot, funny, and keeps your attention from page one. 

I highly recommend this book and Ellie Rowe!

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