Thursday, March 11, 2021


Naberius, the devil who controls what others hear and say, was given the task to destroy the heavenly guardians from the inside.  First Finn, then Jax, and finally Isabelle.  He plans to use Francesca against Finn and Lillith against Jax.  He'll worry about Isabelle when her small family is taken care of.

Isabelle and Iver are finally married and in Scotland for their honeymoon.  Lillith is planning her wedding to Jax.  Jax is getting more involved in his immoral role.  

This is the 3rd book in the ANGELS AND DEMONS series in which you get further into the characters and their strengths.  There are new characters and quite a few surprises.  Isabelle and Iver have a Dom/Sub relationship despite her role as guardian and add Lillith and Jax's love of role-playing and you have some smoking hot sex.

I really love the storyline of this series and can't wait to finish these books.  

Skylar West is an awesome storyteller!  Highly recommend!

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