Sunday, March 21, 2021

REVIEW - STOLEN MOMENTS (previously MAYHEM) by Catharina Maura

Carter has been a thorn in Emilia's side her whole life.  Her mother walked out on her and her dad 7 years ago and since that time she's spent the majority of her time next door at her best friend's house.  Who happens to be Carter's sister.  

They've pranked each other for years and spent too much time in detention to mention.  Only this time his prank not only got the police involved but they were suspended for a week.  A week in their rooms without any electronics. 

Carter realizes as he is leaving his bathroom that Emilia is trying to hide behind her curtains.  Carter decides to give her something to look at.  Since my mom would kill me if I pulled another prank I decide on another way to torture her.

Emilie is a sophomore and Carter is a senior in high school.  They've lived next door to each other and she practically lives at his house.  Although their pranks piss her off Carter gets extreme pleasure betting under her skin.  He's been in love with her forever.  But, his sister has made it clear to her that their friendship would be over if she dated her brother. 

I loved their story.  Their pranks are hilarious and all the characters are well developed.  The storyline keeps your attention and is well written.   They may be young adults but the sex is hot.  Highly recommend and looking forward to the conclusion of their story.

STOLEN MOMENTS is book one of the STOLEN MOMENTS Trilogy

Start reading STOLEN MOMENTS today!
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Start reading the STOLEN MOMENTS Trilogy today!
Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

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