Saturday, March 27, 2021


Greyson is the President of Storm Media since the death of his father.  And despite his dad always being busy he has no clue what his job as president entails.  In his frustration, he leaves his office in order to actually accomplish something.  He's helping to build a structure that will house homeless men.

When his assistant calls from Costa Rica to give him the bad news that everyone had come down with the dengue fever and the producer had hightailed it out of there, he decided to go to Costa Rica himself.   Dragging his complaining brothers along with him.

After spending all day hiring a crew all he needs is a cinematographer so he can leave for a well-deserved shower.  And then the perfect woman walks in.  Taking over as producer seems to have just gotten better until they land to find out not only was there no usable footage, but the film crew had taken most of the equipment.  But, he wasn't known as the notorious daredevil, no-holds-barred producer for nothing!

I love this story!  The characters are well developed and the storyline keeps your attention from page one.  Greyson and Harley are perfect for each other and they are scorching hot together.  

I highly recommend this book and can't wait to see what happens with the other Storm brothers. 

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