Friday, March 12, 2021


Jax is concerned about demons attacking his wedding with so many immortals in attendance, but Iver assures him that extra security measures have been taken to identify any demons who try to crash their celebration.  

Isabelle and Iver are getting ready for the birth of their twins in Scotland.  Everyone else from the wedding has left to return home as plans for the immortal communities are getting underway.  

Egan was one of the original fallen and immortal historians.  Egan never cared about his image in his thousands of years, but meeting Glenda has him finally paying attention to modern hairstyles and fashion.  Glenda was a doctor and they were on their to Scotland to help with the delivery of Isabelle's twins.

But, a demon was coming and they would need all of them to bring him down.  Isabelle and her brothers have figured out how to communicate through telepathy.  Finn is coming to terms with being one of the archangels and finally finding how he fits into the scheme of things and he finally meets THE ONE in Scotland although there is a twist to who she turns out to be.

This is book 4 of the ANGELS AND DEMONS series.  As with the previous books, this book has multiple POVs and a few more views are added along with the characters you've already begun to love.  The sex and chemistry in this book beat the previous books for steamy hot! 

Even though the cast of characters is growing in this series it isn't overwhelming and everyone fits seamlessly into the storyline which keeps you spellbound.  I totally love this series.   It is wonderful to spend more time with Lillith and Jax and I'm looking forward to Finn's happily ever after. 

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