Saturday, March 13, 2021


Finn is the younger brother of Isabelle and Jax.  At least as they have lived as mortals.  Finn is still trying to figure out how his empath powers fit him into the world of immortals and as one of the three archangel guardians.   

Finn is an artist and since the time that his immortal soul awakened he has spent all his time focusing on his art.  He invited Iver and Isabelle to lunch before his opening art show in a Glasgow art gallery for them to meet Violet.  He didn't want to blindside them especially considering who her father was.

When a Russian purchases a good portion of Finn's art before the gallery opening Iver gets suspicious.  Especially since the paintings were all of Isabelle and other immortal women.  He makes plans to attend Finn's art show in Moscow to see who Boris is and if he is a threat.

This is book 5 of the ANGELS AND DEMONS series.  I am in love with these characters!  The sexy and dominating men and strong women beside them.  I love getting the POV of multiple characters as it gives the story more depth.  The sex is smoking hot!  To say that Finn came into his mortality is an understatement.  Didn't see that coming.  

The war between the angels and demons is yet to take place and I can't wait to see what Skylar West comes up with next.  

HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book and continuing series!

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