Sunday, March 21, 2021


Although Dominic could stare at the a$$ of the woman in front of him at Starbucks all day, he wishes the princess would place her order.  He has killed and bled for a mafia family and the last thing he needs is to be late for a meeting with the bosses, but he needs massive amounts of caffeine.  He gets tired of waiting for her, telling her to hurry up, and then all she gets is a black coffee?  

He arrives at his meeting to find out that no the boss doesn't need him to make a hit or oversee an operation.  No, he wants him to babysit his granddaughter so she can sightsee while visiting NewYork!  What?!?  And not just any granddaughter it's the woman he had words with at the coffee shop.  He's screwed.

The hot, arrogant, impatient, American douchebag from the cafe is going to be her bodyguard?  No way is this real!  But then again he doesn't seem too happy either.  Oh, this is going to be fun.

H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S!!!  Lucia and Dominic just can't keep out of trouble.  From the moment they met they couldn't help their attraction despite not liking each other.  You can feel their emotions through the pages and the sex is just smoking hot. The characters are wonderful and their dialog kept me laughing.  

It still amazes me that Jagger Cole is a man writing romance, but if you haven't read his books you are missing out!  He is hilarious and can write smoking hot alpha male romance!

The BODYGUARD'S WEAKNESS is book three of the SCALIAMI CRIME Series

Start reading THE BODYGUARD'S WEAKNESS today!
Available in Kindle Unlimited!

Start reading the SCALIAMI CRIME Series today!
Available in Kindle Unlimited!

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