Thursday, March 11, 2021


WARNING:  This novel contains strong and explicit language, graphic scenes, or other sensitive or taboo content that may be disturbing to some readers.  This is a BDSM novel.

Bridget is a single mom who ran from California to Denver because she found out her boyfriend was part of an international triad and was afraid she would be next when she found her roommate killed.

It took Darren over two years to track Bridget down.  He doesn't know why she left him, but he's here to take her back.  Whether she likes it or not, she's his.

I loved this book!  All of the characters are amazing even the ones you don't like so much.  I love how the story cuts back and forth from past to present with both POVs.  The chemistry between Bridget and Darren is steamy hot.   

Highly recommend this book!  Em Brown brings the emotions of the characters to the forefront of the story.  I am looking forward to their continuing story in CLAIMED HARDER!

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