Sunday, March 14, 2021

REVIEW - JUST CURIOUS by Ariella Talix

WARNING:  This novel contains strong and explicit language, graphic scenes or other sensitive or taboo content that may be disturbing to some readers.  This is a MMF menage a trois novel.

Willa was watching the Oscars and thought the woman who won the Best Original Screenplay looked familiar, but she couldn't place her.  She pulled up the trailer for the new movie and was enraged when she finally realized how she knew the woman. 

Jackson was reflecting as he looked out the window of his beach house when his neighbor rushed out of her house towards the beach screaming.  He sets out to follow her to make sure she is ok.

Willa looks like the typical California girl with blonde hair, blue eyes and legs for miles.  Jackson is tall, handsome and has wavy black hair.  

Jackson's best friend Casey looks like a surfer boy appearance with green eyes, blonde hair and bulging muscles.  They had experienced a bit when they were teens and when Willa told him her fantasy about having a menage a trois they decided to approach Casey with the idea.

The book has multiple POVs mixed throughout the pages instead of dedicated chapters, but it is well written and blends as normal.  

I would normally never read a MMF genre book, but this book was wonderful from cover to cover.  The characters are well developed and the storyline keeps your interest to see what happens next.  And let me tell you, Deb Abbey is a piece of work.

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