Friday, March 12, 2021

REVIEW - SAVING BONNIE by Sahara Roberts

Tino is on shakeout at Bunny's diner waiting for Conrado's mom when two idiots decide to break and enter.  Unfortunately, the owner is arriving back earlier than intended and Tino gets a bad feeling and leaves his post to help her.

Bonnie, Bunny to everyone, returns to the diner early from the beauty salon only to find she's in the middle of a burglary.   This is not how she wants to die.  One of the robbers sees something over her shoulder that scares him.  She falls aside and gunshots go off.  She checks herself to see if she was hit and was happy to see she was uninjured.   Then she looks to see what had scared the robber and see the Terminator.   Wow, he was tall.

After a crew comes in to dispose of bodies and clean up the mess Tino tells Bonnie that she needs help, protection, and security.  He pulls out a condom and tells her needs an all-access pass and he'll take care of it all.  Bonnie decides to take his dare, but on her terms.

I love Bonnie who has had people take advantage of her, but she manages to stand up to Tino.  Tino is smoking hot with a lethal edge.  Although this book can be a standalone novel you really need to read STEALING IRIS first to get the full background story.  All of the characters are amazing and the suspense keeps you to the end.  

Highly recommend this book and series and am looking forward to the last book.

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