Sunday, March 21, 2021

REVIEW - BOSSHOLE by Jagger Cole

Delphine is not having a good day.  As she rushes to her first day working at a hedge fund she spills coffee down her skirt.  If that is not enough she is covered with snow and sludge from a street snowplow.  Can her day get any worse!!!  

Garrett is known as The Demon King of Wall Street a title that is well earned.  After his life is ruined by a friend falsely accusing him of a crime he not only gets kicked out of Harvard but spends 18 months in prison.  He fights his way to the top becoming the richest man in New York and he is having a very bad day, make that week when his investors start leaving to go with his competitor.  The same man who ruined his life.  

Now his new hire has spilled coffee all over him and then trips and is now sprawled in front of him on the floor...pantiless.  When he finds out that she is the sister of his enemy he is outraged and fires her on the spot.  After being assured that she has had no contact with her family in 8 years he rehires Delphine.  

But now he can't get his head straight.  Between investors leaving left and right all he can think of is Delphine and his desire to make her his.  When she is implicated as being the reason all his investors are leaving to be with her brother's company he is enraged that he fell for her act.

This is a steamy hot read!  I totally loved Delphine and Garrett and their chemistry burns up the pages.  I was totally amazed when I discovered that the author is male.  Jagger Cole has now made it into one of my favorite authors and I can't wait to read the rest of his books!  

I highly, highly recommend it!!!

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