Monday, March 1, 2021


Luna owns a seaside bar in Key West with her best friend, Josie, who just found out she's going to be a single parent of twins.  A bar that needs a lot of repairs they don't have money for.  And now they get a million-dollar offer for Josie's 51% from an ego-maniacal playboy.

Gage is an a$$hole, a player, and a commitment-phobe jerk.  A title he has no problem with.   Although he's pissed when a one-night stand stole his dad's cufflinks and blackmailed him into going to Florida to get them back.  After retrieving his cufflinks he escapes and finds a bar on the beach and overhears an opportunity he has to take advantage of.

This is the final book of the McCabe Brothers series.  I love this series so much.  Gage's dream is hilarious!  And his thoughts about himself will keep you laughing at his arrogance.  Unlike his brothers who fell in love with their wives instantly, Luna is determined to keep as much distance as she can between her and Gage.

I knew it would take a strong woman to take him down a few paces and Gage is so used to women (all women) tripping over him that he is having a hard time with Luca's disinterest. 

I love how Travis and his brother's band crossover into this series and loved getting to know them better.  Even Josie gets her happily ever after.  Another great story by Julie Capulet!  You will fall in love with her characters. 

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