Sunday, March 21, 2021

REVIEW - ILLICIT PROMISES (previously CHAOS) by Catharina Maura

Two years have passed since Carter and Asher left for USC.  When she and Kate arrive at college and meet at the guy's apartment Carter's abs are covered in kiss marks.  She knows their relationship has been no more than strangers the last year and a half, but Emilia is devastated.   Maybe college is what she needs to get Carter out of her system. 

I think I cried through most of this book.  Kate and Carter's relationship has been either up or down and I'm sorry but Kate is just a selfish b$tch!  This book ends with Emilia making the hardest decision of her life.  Catharina Maura has written an emotional roller-coaster with this book!  Even through the tears I loved the book.  

ILLICIT PROMISES is book two of the STOLEN MOMENTS Trilogy!

Start reading ILLICIT PROMISES today!
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Start reading the STOLEN MOMENTS Trilogy today!
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