Wednesday, March 31, 2021


Theo is on his way to Italy for the grand opening of his newest nightclub and despite scorching hot coffee spilling on his pants, everything is running as scheduled.   

Lena and a few of her classmates are out celebrating graduating from design school before heading off to their internships and see the most gorgeous man across the bar.

Theo's friends are always telling him he is too serious and needs to let loose so that's just what he does.  He and Lena embark on an Italian rendezvous, but when their time comes to an end he hates that he agreed to her rules - no last names, no personal information and that means no way to find her.

I loved this book!!!  I so thought that Harrison would be Lena's HEA, but I should have known to expect the unexpected from Max Monroe!  These books are so well written that I feel like I'm a part of the story.  I so love the guys (and girls) and so want to be part of their growing circle.  Highly recommend this series!!!!

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