Saturday, March 6, 2021


WARNING:  This novel contains strong and explicit language, graphic scenes, and other taboo content that may be disturbing to some readers.

Rose has always been lucky starting when she was 5 and won $100 on the scratch off ticket left by Santa.  Until one day she wasn't. 

Victor's friend Mickey talked him into another night of speed dating.  He's been doing this for years and has yet to met his soul mate.  Roman was in Vegas and he could swear that the woman who just walked by was a girl he went to high school with.  Danny was a professional gambler and has been trying to get a date with Rose for months.

Rose had a bad few days gambling, but tonight her luck was back.  Although all her wins coincided with her contacts throughout the night with Danny, Victor and Roman.  She didn't believe in coincidences.  Were they her lucky charms.  It was time to put her theory to the test.
I loved this book and the gambling storyline.   Cassie Cole brought her characters to life with this very steamy novel.  Definitely recommend if you read reverse harem books!

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