Monday, March 1, 2021

REVIEW - MY HERO by Julie Capulet

Violet is majoring in Psychology in college.  She's known since she was a little girl what she planned to do with her life and unlike the dreamers, in class, she is highly focused on her professor.  Their current focus is PTSD.

Caleb is on his way home after being discharged after injuries he incurred in Afghanistan.  He 3 best friends didn't make it home.  He wished he could turn back the clock and he was the one dead instead of them.  Why does he get to live when they don't?

Another great book by Julie Capulet!  Besides their amazing sexual attraction, Violet and Caleb connect because of shattering losses from the past.

I love the continuing story of the McCabe brothers.  Their total dedication and obsession with their women.  I can't wait to see who puts Gabe in his place.  

Highly recommend this book and Julie Capulet!  

MY HERO is book two of the McCABE BROTHERS Series

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