Wednesday, March 31, 2021


Caplin is THE lawyer of billionaires, but his normal devil may care attitude flies out the window when his assistant goes on maternity leave and the temp agency sends a woman who is sitting taking selfies of her boobs instead of working.  This is why he is running to the Law Library to research much-needed case files for an important meeting tomorrow. 

Ruby is covering for her best friend at his job at the Law Library when a gorgeous man is trying to get her attention.  As she yanks out her earbuds she is mortified when she can still hear the very erotic audiobook coming from her phone.  As she unsuccessfully tries to close the app she realizes that Gorgeous Man is also hearing the book.  KILL.ME.NOW!

I love Trent and Milo, but Caplin is my new favorite book boyfriend and the reason I will devour anything the Max Monroe duo writes!  I feel Ruby's mortification and if you look up "cocky" in the dictionary you will find "Caplin".

I can truly say that I didn't see the book club coming!  To be a fly on the wall.  I can so see the expression on their faces as they discuss the books and Google information.  The crazy moms and even crazier phone calls.  Ruby will never have to worry about spam callers.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough!!!  Do not read these books in public due to uncontrollable laughter.  

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