Saturday, March 6, 2021


Nate was waiting to see if another fist was coming towards his face.  He didn't fight back because he knew he deserved it, but he couldn't seem to feel guilty because he had had a blast.

Zoe was working on her bachelor's in computer science and supporting herself bartending at a nightclub on the side.  Her brother practically raised her and was always on her case about something especially how she dressed in order to get better tips.  When his best friend arrives back in town to take over a recently acquired company her brother suggested he get her an internship. 

I loved this book!!!!  It was wonderful getting to know Nate better and the story behind his relationship with his brother, Adam (HIS FAKE WIFE).   The characters are amazing.  Zoe's wild side and even wilder driving and Nate's uptight emotionless demeanor.   Their chemistry is steamy hot and their story will keep a smile on your face.  

Highly recommend and will definitely read more by Alina Parker!

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