Saturday, March 6, 2021


Jurnee arrived in NY for a meeting and decided to extend her trip for 2 months.  She arrived soaking wet from the rain to find a blind date who was a rude, drop-dead gorgeous, cocky jerk.  How hard is it to put down your phone?  Or have a conversation.  She's outta there.

Anderson arrived in the conference room to meet with his boss for a coffee house presentation.  The woman looked vaguely familiar.  Then he realized she was the crazy woman yesterday morning.  The crazy woman that his boss just saddled him with her and her project. 

Anderson and his best friends vowed to never be caught on Page Six unless it was with THE ONE.  Anderson couldn't believe that Jurnee didn't know who he was.

I think Anderson is hilarious with his sabotaging of Jurnee's dates.  Chloe is priceless!  I so hated for this book to end.  It is sexy, funny the characters are amazing!  Looking forward to more books by Alexandria Sure.  

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