Saturday, March 6, 2021


Melissa was celebrating over a wide range of desserts after she called it off with her boyfriend of five years.  While eating she has an epiphany that she never really loved him and actually had more of a spark with his best friend.  As soon as she finishes that thought she hears her name and looks up.  Is she psychic now?  Think about him and he appears in front of her at the restaurant?

Stefan met Melissa six years ago at a frat party his friend invited him to.  He was bored to tears until he looked up and saw the vision of an angel.  After getting to know her he had to take a call since his grandfather was very ill and he returned only to see her leaving the party with his best friend. 

I love this book!  The characters are amazing!  Melissa has grown a lot since first meeting her in her sister's story HIS FAKE WIFE and she still has that energy and determination.  Stefan is one gorgeous, sexy Italian.  Their chemistry was off the charts.  I was happy to see the Thorne brothers finally getting along.  

This book is smoking hot and I highly recommend it!  Alina Parker has another hit book!

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