Friday, March 12, 2021

REVIEW - THE PATH TO YOU by Claire Kingsley

Sadie was new to town and really needed her waitress job at the Porthole Inn.  But, when a creepy guy grabs her wrist after leering and making suggestive comments her whole shift she's had enough and plants one to his nose.  Instead of taking her side from being assaulted, she is fired from hitting a customer.  Evidently, being sued is more important than the safety of the workers.  Clover and Cody saw the exchange and Clover got one of her tingling feelings on the spot since they needed a server at the restaurant she worked at.

Gabe is the chef and restaurant owner of Ocean's Mark the finest restaurant on the coast.  He is surprised when he looks up and sees a new server.  A server he didn't hire.  Then Clover proceeds to tell him how it was fate that she hired her.  When Clover asks isn't she cute he responds 'why would it matter that a server who worked for him was cute?'  Clover responds 'so we agree?'.  'What?'  'That she works for you.'  How can you argue with Clover's logic?

When the gourmet magazine wants to do a full feature on his restaurant Gabe is not thrilled as it focuses too much on his private life and single status.  Little does he know it could also be dangerous. 

This is the final book in the Jetty Beach series and Gabe and Sadie are an amazing finish to such a wonderful series.  I love Sadie's strength and am so sad for what she has suffered.  Gabe may be a gorgeous sexy grump, but he is very protective of those he loves.  The emotions fly off these pages....terror, fear, lust, love.  Another amazing series by Claire Kingsley! 

THE PATH TO YOU is book seven of A JETTY BEACH ROMANCE Series!

Start reading THE PATH TO YOU today!
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Start reading A JETTY BEACH ROMANCE Series today!
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