Wednesday, March 17, 2021


Damon was the head of a crime family in Greece and someone had agreed to give testimony against him.  But, Damon has no plans to stay in prison and will find the man responsible. 

Six months after her divorce Haley was excited to be on a plane with her best friend, Amelia, to spend the summer in Santorini in the Greek Islands

As they are leaving the hotel for the beach, a man knocked into Haley and walked off without a comment.  When she approached him to demand an apology she looked into the eyes of a gorgeous man.  Adrian was amused at her attack and couldn't help flaming the fire.

I loved this book!  Haley and Adrian have immediate fireworks that only get hotter as the story goes on.  But, the longer they spend together Adrian realizes he was endangering her life.  The characters are very engaging and the storyline keeps you turning the pages.  

I highly recommend this book!

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