Friday, March 12, 2021

REVIEW - STEALING IRIS by Sahara Roberts

Dante pulls into a small market for medicine for his impending migraine.   There is a cute girl working that catches his attention.  Then the power goes out making it impossible to use his card to pay for the pain medication.  Then his worse nightmare comes from the back.  A man he had investigated to invite to his elite club.  He has nothing that Dante's club could benefit from his membership until he sees Dante's interest in his stepsister. 

Iris has been sexually abused by the son of her dad's girlfriend for years with his mom's blessing.  When she is forced to meet him at the pay-by-the-hour hotel he prefers she tries to distance herself from the pain is inflicting.  To her horror, he has invited the gorgeous stranger to watch him.  And then made her give him a blow job while he finished his business.  When she came out of the bathroom after showering the man, Dante, is back.  Only he is shocked when he enters her and realizes that she was a virgin. 

Great book.  I love the characters and the storyline draws you in immediately.  Iris still has an innocence even though all the abuse she suffered.  I wish the issue of her father had been resolved, but all said this is an amazing story and I look forward to reading more by Sahara Roberts.

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