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Damon was the head of a crime family in Greece and someone had agreed to give testimony against him.  But, Damon has no plans to stay in prison and will find the man responsible. 

Six months after her divorce Haley was excited to be on a plane with her best friend, Amelia, to spend the summer in Santorini in the Greek Islands

As they are leaving the hotel for the beach, a man knocked into Haley and walked off without a comment.  When she approached him to demand an apology she looked into the eyes of a gorgeous man.  Adrian was amused at her attack and couldn't help flaming the fire.

I loved this book!  Haley and Adrian have immediate fireworks that only get hotter as the story goes on.  But, the longer they spend together Adrian realizes he was endangering her life.  The characters are very engaging and the storyline keeps you turning the pages.  


Amelia and Haley continue their tour of Greece and arrive in Rome despite Haley just getting engaged to Adrian.  As excited as Amelia had been for their Greek holiday.  All she could think about was her ex-husband's that he was coming for her.

The book begins with a woman and her baby daughter being kidnapped wanting her to supply them with a key to a family vault.  Her only thought was keeping her son safe.  

Stephan realized the mistake he made in flirting with another woman.  He hoped he could get Amelia to trust him after his blunders.

I loved this book!  Amelia and Stephan were introduced in DANGEROUS DESIRE IN SANTORINI and it was nice to see they resolved their issues.  This is another wonderful story by Denean Dawson!

The chemistry of the characters comes through the pages and the storyline and Stephan's mysterious past keep you turning the pages.  


A woman was tied up and being interrogated. They needed her to get into the vault. When Felicity received the phone call that the vault has been found they made the call. Her partner took the call and told the woman that her son was going to watch her die. Felicity was enraged when she realized what was happening and the lies she had been told her whole life because she just realized that the woman tied to the chair was her mother.

Adelio loved his home of Barcelona and enjoyed nothing better than sharing his city with tourists. When 2 of his favorite tourists didn't show up for the bus tour he had the driver take him to their hotel. As he's waiting for the receptionist to call up to their room a gorgeous woman steps off the elevator leaving him speechless. As he's leaving the hotel he runs after her as she chases down a kid who snatched someone's purse.

I loved this book. Felicity with her fearlessness.....Adelio with his cockiness.....Dahlia who never shuts up. Felicity and Adelio both have a few secrets, but I love how the storyline blends everything together. 


The father of Dahlia's infant daughter died in a plane crash, but she was unaware until that time that he was married.  She was determined to give her daughter the best life she could.  Once her daughter was accepted into Stanford Dahlia decided to quit her position as COO when a couple wanted her to advertise their vineyard in Napa Valley for sale.  She made them an offer on the spot.  

Her daughter convinced her to take a vacation beforehand and that's how she met Felicity in Barcelona.  She was currently dragging her new friend on a tour of vineyards in hopes to gain some knowledge for when she returned back home.

Leandro's family owned a vineyard in Portugal and when he realized that the woman he had taken out on his boat was the same one his brother mentioned as meeting on a tour at the vineyard he was determined not to let past mistakes happen again.

I loved this book and series!  They are well written and you feel like the characters are your friends.  The storyline keeps your attention as you wait for the mystery and their relationship to unfold.  Although you could possibly read this as a standalone novel reading the series in order gives you an in-depth background to all the characters and how they relate to each other.  

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