Wednesday, March 24, 2021


Greer was on her way to New York to interview for a job decorating a new hotel in New Orleans and just barely survived the Uber trip to the airport.  The woman is a menace to the roads.

Trent has worked his whole life in preparation for taking over his dad's hotel empire.  If only his father was willing to hand over the reins.  The New Orleans hotel is his project only his dad just informed him that he was selecting the team for the new hotel and he would meet them after his father had hired them.

WARNING!!!!  If laughing offends you, put this book down!  I am still laughing my a$$ off!  I just love Greer and her antics.  I had to re-read a paragraph about her trip to the hotel gym at least ten times because I was laughing so hard.  And Trent is just plain sex on a stick.  Even hating and fighting with each other Greer and Trent have smoking chemistry. 

I highly recommend this book and the Max Monroe combo had me laughing from one cover to the next.  Don't let the intro and ending confuse you because the stories aren't about them, but I'm sure theirs will be a doozy. 

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